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Reflecting on 2021... a year of milestones

My online journal collected dust the last few months of 2021. For several reasons. Time, mostly. We moved again. Plus Instagram is quicker and I love interacting with friends in that space. And since this blog has become mostly to get my thoughts out, those thoughts (and prayers) end up in my paper journal. Which is safer, needed, and refreshing. I love my stacks of old journals.  Jumping ahead to this new year, 2022, my goal is to post on this blog once a month, highlighting that month, and continue to have it printed every January as a family journal. My Hero loves to sit with a cup of morning blend coffee and look back on past blog memory albums. I saw our kids flipping through the pages often during Christmas break, too. It's a family storybook of pictures! "Remember the wonders he has performed, his miracles, and the rulings he has given,"  ~ 1 Chronicles 16:12 Onto reflecting on 2021, which I've affectionately named "A Year of Milestones" ... We had o

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