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As a youth and women’s ministry leader, for over 2 decades, Sheri has said, "My passion is to encourage women, young and old, to dig deep into God’s Word, modeling their lives after Christ, and resting in God's beautiful purpose for their lives!"

Sheri has been married to her Hero, for 20 years and is a joyful homeschooling mom of five (three girls and two boys). Her husband’s military career has taken their family around the globe, where she has learned that homemaking and hospitality are some of her greatest ministries. Although washing loads of laundry and cleaning another pile of dishes are not her favorite activities, Sheri strongly believes that God uses small moments to change the world and that every day is a gift because of Jesus’ finished work on the cross!

Sheri was Miss Iowa 1997, has been a guest on numerous radio programs, a columnist for Families First Magazine, the spokeswoman for The Abstinence Scholarship Fund, rewarding and encouraging sexual purity, and a National Volunteer for Focus on The Family's youth outreach programs. She has been the guest speaker for hundreds of schools, churches, businesses, youth, and pro-family organizations. Sheri has been honored to serve with various women's ministries across the globe; including MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and PWOC International (Protestant Women of The Chapel) a ministry for military wives. She has lead dozens of Bible studies, spoken at retreats, taught homeschool related classes to adults and children, and has been blessed to have invited numerous women into her own home and heart for discipleship.

Her first book,
How To Be A Super Model: A Guide to Inner Beauty, inspires teenage girls to live radical lives of purity and purpose in their generation. Sheri knows firsthand that God's love for "His girls" can radically reshape their identity while igniting a passion to model their lives after Christ.

Sheri's presentations are excellent for a variety of youth and women's events such as retreats, conferences, banquets, churches, schools, camps, mother/daughter and military events. (Travels from Florida)

Topics for Tweens and Teens:

Modeling Christ – Let’s discover what God says about your amazing beauty, from the inside out!

Purity 101 – Living a pure life today is like walking into a foreign land. You look and feel out of place and no one seems to understand you. Here are 3 ways to stand stunningly pure; spirit, mind, and body! 

The Girl Who Changes Her World – By looking to scripture, we will discover how you, one girl, can become the change you wish to see in the world. You have the ability, right where you are, in your family, your school, and your neighborhood to impact the world for Christ.

You were born an original, don’t become a copy! – As “God’s girl” you are valuable and priceless. Your worth is not determined by what you look like on Instagram or by the number of followers you collect on Facebook. Together we are going to unlock God’s thoughts about you! We will look at 3 biblical keys to develop your individual talents and become the one-of-a-kind girl you are created to be.

Topics for Women:
A Hero’s Wife – Marriage isn’t easy, our husbands don’t come with an instruction manual, and authentic romance isn’t found in a Hollywood script. Let’s delve into God’s Word to passionately love, simply help, and daily encourage our husbands to be the valiant heroes that God has created them to be.
Mentoring Is Beautiful - Exploring Titus 2 as we seek to honor the Lord in our roles as wives and mothers as well as practical application for the mentor and mentee.
Raising a Princess instead of a Pop-star – A mother’s role in guarding her daughter’s purityMommy Sparkles Wherever She Goes - Being a mom is the hardest, yet most rewarding job on the planet. My Grandma says it’s a 24/7 profession. Join me in discovering how God’s Word transforms motherhood, rekindles our joy amidst the hard, and fill our mundane moments with sparkles that last for eternity.
Help! The Laundry is attacking! – Is it possible to really enjoy homemaking when all we feel is overwhelmed, lost, tired, and frustrated? We are going to look at practical, inspiring ways to bring calm to the chaos.
Small Moments at Home are Big Moments in Eternity – As a wife and mother, do you ever feel invisible? Where is your value? Where is the trophy, I’ve wondered? In this session, we will dive into God’s Word to transform our perspective, cultivate our gifts, and help us see the treasure we are to our families. Together we will discover our worth, value, and beauty in the eyes of God.
Sparkling Medals – I know the sting of another good-bye, the weariness of settling into yet another new home, and the uncertainty of not knowing where my husband is on the map that day. Through God’s Word, we will find comfort, realize that God is writing our story, and find hope that unlocks sparkling medals found along this military journey.

Let’s Go On an Adventure – We’ve homeschooled around the globe the past 12 years and have learned to find treasures, education, and opportunities wherever we go. In this session, I share practical tips to cultivate adventure in your every-day schooling!

What others are saying about Sheri:

" Sheri is truly a super model. And, oh how I hope that today's teen girls will hear her truthful words. It breaks my heart to see today's girls dropping great tears of pain because they cannot live up to the magazine covers, which are nothing more than a meticulously crafted lie of Satan. Oh, thank you, Sheri, for pointing to truth. May today's young women be healed by your words."
~Dannah Gresh – Author, And the Bride Wore White and Secret Keeper: The Delicate Power of Modesty

" Sheri teaches with passion, inspiring young women to choose purity and the highest standards for their lives."
~ Youth Pastor YFC, Mason City, Iowa

" Sheri Prescott has those special qualities of compassion and concern that uniquely qualify her to address issues facing women today. She does so with a loving heart and her faith in the potential for good in every young woman."
~ William B. Moody – Past National Chaplain Veterans of Foreign Wars

" Sheri will bring you authentic wisdom from God's Words and an inspiring message from the heart."
~ Karol Ladd – Author of The Power of a Positive Woman

" As pastors, we see a desperate need for Godly role models in this generation. Sheri has put into perspective what it really means to be a ‘Super' model, working from the inside, out."
~ Rick and Brooke Plummer – Youth Pastors, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

" Teenage girls today are bombarded with images from the media, music, and our society urging them to fit in and to "play the part." I so appreciate How to be a Super Model, because it not only speaks the truth of God's word, but Sheri lives what she talks about. In my 25 years of working with teenagers, and having a teenage daughter of my own, this is one of the best resources I know of to help them know the Super Model and be one."
~ Reed DeVries – President of First Priority of the Sioux Empire, business owner, speaker

" Sheri offers real answers founded on God's Word and His principles."

~ Kelli Masters – NFL Agent and founder of KMM

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Sheri’s Online Family Journal at www.heroichomemaking.blogspot.com