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God delights in showing us His love

An old snapshot of where our love story began... Cairo, Egypt, 1999, exploring ancient pyramids with my handsome Hero! A moment that stands still in my memory. Breathtaking.

In some ways it doesn’t even seem real. Almost 2 decades ago. So many moves, deployments, babies, prayers, celebrations, trials, sickness, health, laughter, learning... I’m forever in awe of how God can bring two lives together, to form one mission, to use for His glory. I think the “family” is truly one of God’s most miraculous, spectacular creations and I pray that our love story - our marriage, children, and life would be a living testimony of the grace, love, joy, and gift found in Christ alone.

The Yahweh who delivered His children from bondage in Egypt long ago, is the same One who hasn’t forgotten you and I today. He never fails. He is our refuge. His timing is perfect. His promises are true. His ways are always good. His purpose unmovable. His grace makes everything else pale in comparison. He delights in sh…

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