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Simple Easter Celebrations to do at Home

With Easter around the corner and so many of us "at home," I have been praying for ways to encourage my mommy friends. This Easter will look different. Our hearts may ache for worship with our church body and that big Easter dinner at grandma's house. But this is the childhood our children will remember and this may be the year they remember most! My prayer is that I would be intentional as I teach my children the reason we celebrate. So in this post, are a few simple ways our family has celebrated, created traditions, and focused on the Gospel during Holy Week. I hope you will get ideas and find inspiration to dig into God's Word with your little ones. At the same time, lets-not-add-more-to-our-plates if we are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Let's keep it simple. Peaceful. Joyful. Christ-centered. Knowing that we plant seeds, but only the Holy Spirit changes hearts!

Brownie mixes are great for so many things (simple!), including Easter. Stir up your favorit…

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