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Winter in Florida

Winter in Tampa, Florida, is a funny thing. Most days are warm and sunny; the perfect place for northern vacationers to recover from below zero temperatures and soak up Vitamin D on the beach! But once in a while, there are those days this Iowa-girl really appreciates. Days like yesterday that began in the 40s and didn't climb above 65. It was refreshing to wear my comfy jeans and knit sweater, to need a jacket when I drove to an appointment, and to even turn the heat on in our house for a few early morning hours.
I'm not sure if my love for 4 seasons would ever fully allow me to embrace the sub-tropical life, but I'm choosing to thank God for His creativity around the globe and the blessings of each location on the map. And, some days it's pretty nice not to lug out our heavy coats and boots just run to the grocery store!

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